Exit Lights and Fire Extinguisers App
Many buildings like hospitals require exit lights and fire extinguishers to be inspected each month. Hospitals can have as many as 100 or more exit lights per floor. Most have an asset tag within a barcode assuring the light is checked.
Doing PMs on these can be very time consuming and in some areas where the asset tag is hard to see or reach makes it even harder.

VCL Checklist uses your floor plan or other images as a background so colored Circles (check marks) can be placed anywhere on the floor plan. The Circles change colors when you touch them showing that you have inspected that area.

These barcodes can then be scanned with a hand scanner or mobile phone.

Many hospitals use a maintenance software program/app to manage their PM's, the maintenance engineer then just carries an iPad/iPhone and checks each location. This app does not connect to a network or cloud, all data and images are stored within the iPad or iPhone.

There can be hundreds of fire extinguishers throughout a large hospital or building, often these are located behind rooms and other places. Just locating them can be frustrating. These can be located on a floor plan and found easily on the app making inspections easy.

App works on iPhone and iPad. Try the free version with 10 check marks, other versions are only $4 - $9

Place checkmarks/circles anywhere on floor plan. Circles change color when touched showing that it has been inspected.
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