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Our Teeth is an easy to use app to help one person or a family keep track of their teeth history. Using a graphical interface to choose different teeth you can add any information about each tooth. Adding information can be done by you or your dentist. Just choose ADULT teeth or KIDS teeth, then select the tooth that you want to add information to. This will then allow you to choose between predefined tooth problem or input any information that you want about that tooth.

You can also enter information by voice by pressing the microphone icon on the keypad of your phone. After inputing the description of the tooth you should input the cost of that tooth's procedure. That tooth's cost will be added to the total cost of all of your teeth.

Import your teeth pictures from dentist (You can include an x-ray of your teeth)

There are now two views of your teeth. The Dentist view shows the typical way the teeth are shown in dentistry. The second view is from your face looking out. Sometimes this view is easier to understand when you are locating your teeth.

Extra technical information about teeth is included at the bottom of the the adult page. These predefined buttons can be used by a dentist, dental hygienist or you. When a tooth has been removed an X will marks its place in the graphic.

Kids teeth works exactly the same as the ADULTS teeth except the graphics look different and there are only 20 teeth (primary teeth). When the child looses a tooth you have the option to get a certificate with the child's name and tooth number. This will be saved to your photos and can be edited and printed later. The tooth will be removed in the graphic, when the child's new tooth grows back then press NEW TOOTH button and the tooth will show again. When the child gets older and his teeth fill out with molars they will then need to transition to adult teeth. This app does not import information from kids teeth to adults teeth.

You can keep track of you babies new teeth. Just press the BABY button and only the babies gums will be displayed  instead of teeth. When your baby grows a new tooth you can add this new tooth.

At anytime the history of the teeth can be printed.