Save floor plan or other image to Photos
Image is then imported into the app.
Example of floor plans,other types of images or photos
can be enlarged to any size for greater detail within the app. You can save this floor plan example and then use it in VCL Checklist for testing the app.
How do I get an image to be placed in my iPhone/iPad?
An image/map can be emailed to you then saved to Photos. The image can be a jpeg, png or most types of image files can be used. If a digital image is not available you can use your phone's camera to take a picture of the floor plan.
Detailed Instructions are included within the app.
For preventive maintenance (PMs)
This app does not connect to a network or cloud, all data and images are stored with in the iPad.

There are four versions of VCL Checklist.

The free version let you try the app with only 10 checkmarks
VCL Checklist 25 has 25 checkmarks
VCL Checklist 50 has 50 checkmarks
VCL Checklist 100 has 100 checkmarks

iPhone screen shots and iPad screens are simular
PDF file
Hospitals and large buildings can have hundreds of exit lights and fire extinguishers that need to be checked monthly. Completing these PM's is time consuming.

VCL Checklist app is easy to use. The engineer uses his iPhone or iPad and walks the hallways checking the exit lights, the app displays the floor plan with checkmarks representing exit lights. It's a new type of checklist that has a floor plan as the background.

Make your maintenance engineers life a little easier.

VCL Checklist is made for the maintenance engineer to help complete PMs for exit lights and fire extinguishers.

Press to go to appstore
Choose Add Photo within the app.
Then inside VCL Checklist app